Rotary Club Bourgas program
Rotary year 2005 - 2006

I. Club service
1. Acceptance of new members. Term - permanent.
2. Preparation of 2 new Rotary Clubs: Sozopol, Tsarevo-Primorsko. Term - April/June 2006.
3. Preparation and publishing of a Club magazine. Term - April 2006.
4. Preparation and issue of monthly Club bulletin. Term - every 5-th day of the month.
5. Preparation, issue and distribution of Club promotion brochure. Term - 31.08.2005
6. Preparation, issue and distribution of a CD with Club information. Term - 23.02.2006
7. Program for increase of Rotarians' individual knowledge about the 4 Avenues of Service and 4 Elements of the effective Rotary Club - monthly lecture on definite theme, every last meeting of the month. Term - permanent.
8. Holding of a general club meeting and Board ballot for 2006/07. Term - 12.12.2005.
9. Mention of substantial events:
9.1. Anniversary of presenting the Chart to Rotary Club Bourgas (18.01.1993) - publishing of article about Rotary Club Bourgas in local issues - Club activities dedicated to community.
9.2. Celebrating of 23.02 - Anniversary of Rotary International and World Understanding and Peace Day. Charity cocktail. Term - February 2006.
10. Preparation the visit of DG D2480 in Bourgas. Term - December 2005.
11. Ensure the participation of Rotaract and Interact Clubs - Bourgas in charity actions of Rotary Club Bourgas and supporting the activities of both clubs. Term - permanent.
12. Realization of a joint meeting with Interact Club Bourgas (September 2005) and Rotaract Club Bourgas in connection with World Rotaract Week (week of 13 March 2006).
13. Creation of Club Archive: discovering and making copies of documents from Club history; collecting of publications and photos about Club activities.
14. Organizing a press conference and publishing of articles in local issues and "Rotary Bulgaria" magazine about Rotary Club Bourgas - results of the Nadezhda House project and other projects. Term - 30.04.2006.
15. Currently informing of local media and "Rotary Bulgaria" magazine about Club activities. Term - permanent.
16. Honour of 8 Rotarians from the Club with Paul Harris Fellow award. Term - 30.04.2006.
17. Regular visits of charter ceremonies and festivities of other clubs. Term - permanent.

II. Community service
1. Finishing the Nadezhda House project, realized with Christine Dagwell and Rotary Club Hull - England in the amount of 80 000 Euro. (Together with the special project realization committee). Term - 30.04.2006.
2. Preparation of joint project with Clubs sponsored by RC Bourgas (RC Yambol, Sliven, Nessebar, Pomorie, Bourgas - Pyrgos). Term - May 2006.
3. Finishing the Matching Grant project together with RC Pomorie about reconstruction of kindergarten in Medovo village.
4. Program for supporting the Orphanages in Bata village, Sredets and House "Nadezhda" - Bourgas.
5. Conducting of Christmas charity action for collecting clothes, etc. for social houses in the region. Term - 20.12.2005.
6. Start of a project "Sport against drugs" together with children's sport club. Term - September 2005.
7. Receiving information from Hygiene and Epidemiological Institute - Bourgas and other sources about distribution and treatment of poliomyelitis and HIV in Bulgaria and conducting a lecture on this item (together with Vocational service committee). Term - November 2005.
8. Receiving and distribution of computers for schools in Bourgas and the region.
9. Support of educational and culture events for youths in Bourgas.
10. Organization of action for planting of threes.
11. Organization of charity bazaar of young artists. Together with Rotaract and Interact Clubs. Term - 31.10.2005.

III. International Service
1. Contacts to Clubs interested to help the realization of the last stage of "Al. Georgiev" orphanage project. Term - permanent.
2. Contacts to Christine Dagwell and RC Hull - England to finalize the "Nadezhda" House project.
3. Ensuring the participation of children in the Youth Exchange program. Term - March 2006.
4. Establishing contacts with Rotary Club in Russia, Ukraina, Armenia and Georgia. Term - April 2006.
5. Establishing of twinning relationship with other clubs abroad (Greece /RC Kavala, Alexandroupolis/, Turkey, Romania, Germany). Term - permanent.
6. Looking for contacts with clubs abroad to ensure delivery of educational materials and equipment. Term - May 2006.
7. Publishing of information about Rotary Foundation programs, realized projects, and Polio Plus program. Term - November 2005.

IV. Vocational Service
1. Preparation and realization of plans and activities to support club members by their participation in projects, connected with their vocation and in the daily application of its principles on their place of work as well.
2. Planning of programs and activities for the Vocational Service Month (October).
3. Development of projects and programs, what heighten the knowledge about and increase the respect to different professions with emphasis on the value of all useful professions in the community.
4. Lectures, planned for the period October/November 2005 are as follows:
4.1. Konstantin Atanasov - Problems of privatization.
4.2. Ivan Zlatanov - The specific of insurance
4.3. Kiril Petrov - Marketing in politics
4.4. Toni Kostova - Social policy in the region
5. External lecturers: establishing contacts to politicians and other outstanding persons. Example themes: Development of marine works in Bourgas, Tendencies in regional development.
6. In October - bestow a prize for an exceptional professional

V. Family of Rotary and Fellowship
1. Organization of a visit in Strandzha Mountain. Term - 15.10.2005.
2. Organization of a visit in a monastery. Term - 31.05.2006.
3. Preparation and start of project for social rehabilitation in Nadezhda House. (Together with Community service Committee). Term - 31.10.2005.
4. Organization of a charity Easter cocktail. Term - April 2006.
5. Preparation and start of a program to increase the interest of Rotarian's families' members to Rotary. Term - October 2005.
6. Organization of Rotarian's families' members to visit regular Club meetings - the last meeting of every quarter. Term - 2nd week of February 2006 (Family Week).
7. Examine and using possibilities to include non-Rotarian family members (e.g., spouses, adult children, widows) in Club charity actions. Term - permanent.

VI. Water, Health and Poverty
1. Examine and gathering information about health dangerous productions on city’s territory. Informing the community and the responsible offices about. Term – permanent.
2. Starting and looking for partners to realize a project to assure a mobile medicine practice (bus, equipped with basic medical apparatuses) for medical examination of region inhabitants where delivery of medical services is problematic. Term – December 2005.
3. Joint work with Community, International service and Family of Rotary and Fellowship Committees.

Monthly plan for the period 01.07.2005 - 30.06.2006

July - Literacy Month
4.7. - Getting acknowledged with 2005/06 Theme and planning possibilities to realize it. Appointing of committees. Lecture: News in aviation and development of Sofia Airport. Lecturer: Kalin Barzov.
11.7 - Presentation of projects for club activities plan and club budget. Obligations of Rotary Club members. Lecturer: Milena Ilcheva.
18.7. - Club assembly. Approval of club activities plan and club budget.
25.7. - Getting acknowledged with Rotary and District 2480 structures. Lecturer: Krasimir Ganchev

August - Membership and Extension Month
Receiving and distribution of computers for the schools in Bourgas and region

September - New Generations Month
12.9 - Club Discussion "Club activity and work in the committees". Appointing of workgroups to initiate clubs in Sozopol and Tsarevo.
19.9 - Joint meeting with Interact and Rotaract Clubs Bourgas
26.9 - Family meeting. Lecture - Rotary basics. Lecturer - Atanas Sirekov

October - Vocational Service Month
3.10 - Lecture "Professional service". Lecturer - Ivan Zlatanov.
10.10 - Lecture "Problems of privatization". Lecturer - Konstantin Atanasov.
17.10 - Lecture "The work of the parliament". Lecturer - Rumen Angelov.
24.10 - Lecture "Marketing in politics". Lecturer - Kiril Petrov.
31.10 - Lecture "Social policy in the region". Lecturer - Toni Kostova
Discussion of a program for professional training and development of youths for social rehabilitation. Organizing of charity bazaar for young talents (together with Rotaract and Interact Clubs).

November - Rotary Foundation Month
7.11 - International Interact week (the week of 7. November), joint meeting with Interact Club Bourgas
14.11 -
21.11 - Lecture "The specific of insurance". Lecturer - Ivan Zlatanov.
28.11 - Lecture "The Rotary Foundation". Lecturer - Svetoslav Donev

December - Family Month
5.12 -
12.12 - Club Assembly. Ballot for Club Board 2006/07
19.12 - Family meeting. Christmas cocktail
Christmas charity action to gather clothes, etc. for social houses in the region

January - Rotary Awareness Month
9.1. -
16.1 - Mentioning the anniversary of presenting the chart to Rotary Club Bourgas, press conference, presentation, photo exhibition.
23.1 -
30.1 - Lecture "How to use the Rotary Business Portal". Lecturer - Svetoslav Dinev.
Publishing of article about RC Bourgas in local issues about Club activities in favor of the community. Appointing of committee for preparation of Club magazine.

February - World Understanding Month
6.2 -
13.2 - Family Week (2nd week of February) - Organization of Rotarian's families members to visit a regular Club meeting
20.2 -
27.2 - Lecture "Rotary guiding principles".
Anniversary of Rotary International and World Understanding and Peace Day (23 February). Organization of a charity cocktail.

March - Rotaract
6.3 -
13.3 - World Rotaract Week (week of 13 March). Organization of a joint meeting.
20.3 - Lecture "RI youth programs - Rotaract and Interact". Lecturer - Rumen Angelov.
27.3 - Family meeting.
Preparation of Club magazine 2005/06

April - Magazine Month
3.4 -
10.4 -
17.4 -
24.4 - Lecture "The public relations in Rotary".
Publishing the Club magazine, Easter charity cocktail

8.5. -
15.5 -
22.5 -
29.5 - Lecture "Effective Rotary Clubs".
Participation in PETS and District Conference of D2480

June - Rotary Recreational and Vocational Fellowships Month
5.6 -
12.6 -
19.6 - Lecture "Possibilities for service in Rotary".
26.6 - Family meeting. Festivity meeting in connection with the end of Rotary year 2005/06. Report to club members.
Getting acknowledged with professions of new club members
Bestow a prize for an exceptional professional.

Current: informing local media and "Rotary Bulgaria" magazine about Club activities
Every second Saturday of the month - sport events
Every last meeting of the quarter - family meeting.
Every meeting - 3-5 minutes for Rotarian information.
Every month - 1 guest speaker with different vocation.