improving of medical services
The Club intends to start a Matching Grant for delivery of mobile medicine practice (bus, equipped with basic medical apparatuses) for medical examination of region inhabitants where delivery of medical services is problematic. Projects partners are welcome!

Since 2002 Rotary Club Bourgas included in the program the support of::
- The Orphanage in Bata village. High professional school for children with light mental and physical diseases. About 100 children from 7. up to 11. class have been living there.
- The Sturche Orphanage in city of Sredets for about 60 children aged in age from 3 to 7 years.
- Nadezhda House in Bourgas for about 10 youths in age from 19 to 22 years. House for up to 14 orphans, who finished a high school. In 2003, supported by Christine Dagwell, Rotary Club Hull, England a "Daily integration center for youths in non equivalent social status" to Nadezhda House has been started. The means for creation of this Center in the amount of 11 000 Euro were donated by Christine Dagwell. The project realization has been endorsed by Municipality of Bourgas. The Center would  bear the name of the late Mike Dagwell, who was a great friend of Rotary Club Bourgas and grantor of social houses in the region.

In November 2001 we started a new program dedicated to children with physical disabilities. After collecting of an initial fund now we are looking for a Rotary Club abroad in order to help us to extend our activities, to create and realize a project in this field.

Since October 2001 we reactivated the Anti Drugs program in the schools in Bourgas. The program started 1996 with the aim to inform and prevent children from using drugs. We are looking for a Rotary Club abroad in order to help us to extend our activities, to create and realize a project in this field.

Help for children and youths who live there, without families or left their orphans houses but need support.
Renewal and repair of Orphanage – Bourgas.

Project Description
Object: Reconstruction, reorganization and reequipment of Orphanage “Alexander Georgiev – Kodzhakafaliyata” – Bourgas

1.Object history
The building was built in 1932 as a donation for Bourgas’ orphans. Up to now no any basic reconstruction of the building has been completed.
1996 Rotary Club Bourgas started an initiative to rebuild the house physically and to improve the living conditions of more than 110 children.

2. Project realization stages
1. Stage – creation of a totally new project (donation from Rotary Club Bourgas). Term: September 2000 – February 2001
2. Stage – Reconstruction of the whole building infrastructure – electrical installation, water and drainage installation, heating installation according to the new project. Term: 4 months.
3. Reorganization of second and third floors of the existing building to improve the living conditions of children. Term: 4 months.
4. Building of the animation hall for sport, rest, free pursuits and festivities over the existing food area. Term: 6 months.

3. Technical description of stages
1. Stage – Creation of full working drawings for all parts:
- Architecture
- Constructions
- Electrical installation
- Water installation
- Drainage installation
- Heating
- Furnishing
- Approving by city and government authorities.
Price: ca. 25 000 $ (donation)

2. Stage - Change of all building infrastructure installations and laying of new ones according to the new project.
- The old installations’ condition after 70 years of exploitation does not allow using them in the future. In very poor condition are the whole electricity installation, the water and drainage installations and the heating system as well.
- Connecting of new installations to the supplying city systems.
- Preparation of the third stage of building and reinstatement of living up to its’ implementation.
Price: ca. 50 000 $

3. Stage – Building up of new dormitories for 4-8 children each trough reconstruction of the present big ones (for 20-25 children).
- Building up of separate sanitary junctions (bath and WC) for every two of the new dormitories (now bathroom and WC are common for the whole floor).
- The partitioning would be made by light materials (YTONG, KNAUFF, etc.) to avoid the strengthen of building constructions.
- The reconstruction includes the second and third floors of the existing building.
Price: ca. 55 000 $

4. Stage – The fourth stage includes the building up of a multifunctional hall for free children’s activities, sport and festivities (especially needed in the winter season).
- The project envisages that this hall would be realized as a second floor over the existing food area.
- This stage represents an another object and as a realization is not connected to the other stages.
Price: ca. 90 000 $

By this realization in stages it is very important to know and have in mind that reconstruction and reorganization can be done in the summer season only when the children have vacation.
The proposal about the terms of stages’ realization is as follows:
1. Stage: Project creation September 2000 – February 2001
2. Stage: Reconstruction infrastructure June 2001 – October 2001
3. Stage: Reconstruction 2-d and 3-d Floor June 2002 – October 2002
4. Stage: Animation hall June 2003 – December 2003

Note: The above mentioned amounts are based on appraisal of experts for the relevant kind of work before the project completion.